In 1994 Regina Maria Möller launched the label embodiment under which she designs art works as prototypes that relate to "Bekleidung" – interior design and clothing. In limited editions, Möller produces furnitures, wallpapers, carpets, accessories and clothing imbuing their materials with new, unusual stories and meanings. The prototypes relate to the artist’s own body measurements and serve as models for limited editions, from which individual pieces are tailored.


embodiment operates on the interface between art and design, while reflecting in particular on the identity-forming connotations and examining the socio-cultural parameters beyond current fashions and passing fads. The embodiment works can be worn or used as functional design objects, and also reference portraiture and sculpture.


With embodiment Möller addresses the second skin and the relation between the body, the societal costume and environment at large.



Logo Design: Regina Maria Möller, Michael Taylor





@ Regina Maria Möller, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn