embodiment : Line Two

Photo: Ursula Rogg

Photos: CR&SH, Berlin  / Make-up and hair: Christina Roth, Berlin / Model: Maria, Viva Berlin






embodiment - Line Two consists of a dress, skirt, top and trousers made of Tyvek, produced for the context of the magazine regina - Stilleben, no.6, 2002


Tyvek is a registered trademark. It is used for example on construction sites, for envelopes, and for workers clothes - the overall.  The surface of Tyvek feels like paper, although it is not. Tyvek is a synthetic material with interesting characteristics. The main distinguishing properties of Tyvek are that it is tearproof and water-repellent, and it can be washed. With each wash, the texture of this textile is changing. This unpredictable transformation of Tyvek is for Möller a correspondent character, one that has a live of its own and can not be domesticated.


Tyvek caught Möllers interest already in the early 90s, when she produced "her" wedding dress made of Tyvek for her solo presentation entitled "Regina Maria Möller", Stadtpark Graz / Prag. 





Tyvek, padding, silk screen print




prototype customized size of Regina Maria Möller








Concept, design:  Regina Maria Möller

Production of garments with the cooperation of Dagmar Kniffki, Berlin





© Regina Maria Möller, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn