My job hasn't been invented yet / Meinen Arbeitsplatz gibt es noch nicht

 Solo exhibition


Kunstverein München,  Munich 15 March - 27 April 1997

Director: Dirk Snauwaert


Kunstverein Graz, Graz 5 June - 10 July 1997

Director: Eva Maria Stadler

Video still: My job hasn't been invented yet


Video stills / Photos: Klaus Riemenschneider




In this solo exhibition Regina (Maria) Möller stressed the condition, that many artists work in several jobs aside of their artist "profession", they are secretaries, managers, accountants, among others. "My job hasn't been invented yet" states up-to-date her interest positioning her works of art in relation to the environment. The cultural, social and political components inherent in the everyday constructions are the resources of her focus to create a narrative that can be read from different perspectives. Her method is to search for cracks in the fabric called society in order to re-stich them. By doing so she is leaving a scar, a seam, which Möller describes as her work space, which is not defined yet.




  • Roots, carpet - plug in modules
  • Patches with roots motif from indoor plants
  • Busy Lizzy, five photos
  • My job hasn't been invented yet, video projection, 6 min with sound (German / English Language), produced in cooperation with Kunstverein München and roomade, Bruxelles
  • regina - Das Große Frühjahrsheft, magazine no. 2, 1997 with the topic "Beruf Frau" (German Language)


Plug-in Carpet

In the exhibition space an endless path of plug-in carpet elements were layed down. Each module was inscribed with a job and carried a patch with an image of a root. The plug-in modules are availabe individual, and can be used as an intarsia element to insert into an existing carpet at home or at the office or one creates a pattern of several modules plugged-into each other.  The carpet elements serve as a metaphor: The service of "works" imprinted in the modules - once the artist found herself in- are now sold as "works of art".


Size of one element:

160 x 80 cm


Produced upon request

Material and color of the carpet module(s) vary (unique for each request)


Patches of roots (5 x different roots available, vary in color and dimensions)


Busy Lizzy

is a series of five photos.

The image of the "Ficus Benjamini" – the stereotype of hydroponics office plants – is montaged together with a photo of one root of another plant. The roots differ in each of the five photos.


Each photo:

Dimension: 160 x 90 cm

C-Prints, Collage, mounted on aluminum, framed behind glass

Edition: 3 + 1 AP




This video works with stills, text crawls, background noise, soundtrack, and a moving image - the spiral phone cord which is dancing to an electronic soundtrack sampled of all kind of phone rings by DJ Bleed.



The main characters in this video are the secretary and the spiral phone-cord. The secretary is filmed while she is talking on the phone. The camera and still images focus on her and the objects displayed on her office desk - they refer to a "still life" setting. Her phone conversation is silent but legible in the text crawl. This conversation reads as a monologue. Some of its text fragments quote Marie Luise Fleisser and Therese Giehse. Both women were not only strongly associated with Bertolt Brecht, but as important. The monologue reads mysterious, although the frozen images and the sound track fill in for the lack of words, and yet get suddently interrupted - rudley and kind of humorously – by a twisting, curling and dancing phone cord.


Edition: 3 + 1 AP





regina - Das Große Frühjarhsheft, no.2, 1997





Video, 6'40, with sound / German and English Language

Director: Regina (Maria) Möller

Camera / Lighting: Hans Sonneveld

Music: DJ Bleed

Sound: Benoit Bruwier

Mask: Xenia Vander Linden

Editor: BOA, Munich

Office equipment: Manhattan Office Tower, Brussels

Production: Regina (Maria) Möller, Kunstverein München (Director:Dirk Snauwaert), Roomade (Founding director: Barbara Vanderlinden), Brussels, 1997


With thanks to: Heike Kerstin Ander, Edzard Brahms, Detlev Brinkschulte, Mercedes Bunz, Cornelia Fuchs, Renate Kern, Klaus Riemenschneider, Doris M. Würgert







© Regina (Maria) Möller, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn