The Silent Speaker

A Trilogy by Regina (Maria) Möller, 2014 -



 Image: The Silent Speaker written in vertical letters / symbols of a finger alphabet created by Valerie Sutton.


The Silent Speaker unfolds in three acts at three different venues, from public intervention, to solo exhibition and ending with a theatre performance.


>> Part I: The Curtain, public intervention,“Deep Sites”, LevArt, Levanger, September 2014


>> Part II: The Costume, solo exhibition, Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskonst (TSSK,) Trondheim / Norway, February – March 2015


Part III: The Body, theatre play / performance, Teaterhuset Avant Garden, forthcoming






The Silent Speaker embodies “silence”, “delay” and “invisibility” – although quite controversial and often negatively occupied subjects – they rather imply now listening, concentration and focus. These are features of invaluable assets in a time that is full of “noise”, “velocity” and multiplied “visibilities” – first caused by our virtual life, which in the meantime manipulates our physical existence and divides most of us into several personae.


The Silent Speaker is not claiming to be extraordinary – it is rather based on the quite ordinary, often over-looked, over-heard, un-heard – but rendered un-ordinary. Such a voice is not speaking a strange language, which cannot be understood – but is rather uncomfortably and sweetly remembering “Silence as a place for bumping into yourself”.







© Regina (Maria) Möller, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn / All Rights Reserved